February 17, 2024

First responder mental wellness highlighted in “PTSD 911” documentary

Therese Apel

First responders in the Oxford area and all those who love them are invited to a screening Monday night of the documentary PTSD 911, which deals with several aspects of mental health in the life of a first responder.

Emergency first responders are suffering from PTSD in record numbers, but as often as not, they are concerned about losing their job or standing within their department if they ask for help.

According to the website, “PTSD911 is a documentary film about real people: normal, average human beings who have chosen to work in professions that require above average heroism, fortitude, and resolve. These men and women have jobs that require a willingness to face things that most of us can’t even imagine, yet maintain a high level of dignity and professionalism. First responders in fact repeatedly see and experience things that most of us will never see, causing compound issues related to post-traumatic stress injuries and disorders.”

The world is beciming more violent, exposing not only first responders but also the public to a much different level of trauma than has been seen in many years.

The film addresses the fact that at least 35% of police suffer from PTSD, and 37% of firefighters and EMS workers have contemplated suicide.

“PTSD 911” advocates for Post-Traumatic Growth, a way that doesn’t lead to suicide, but a fulfilling life that involves serving others.

“Fire, Police, EMS, and 911 operators all came into their respective professions to help others. They want nothing more than to be able to return whole to their jobs. But, in the circumstance of PTSD, help is needed for healing,” the website states. “Department leaders need to develop programs and policies to help their members. This takes education and awareness, which PTSD911 will provide. Also, the responders need to know there is help available, which will be another critically important message in this film.”

The screening is Monday, February 19, at Pinelake Church in Oxford. The donations at the door will go to help first responders.

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