August 12, 2021

We made you wait until after Elvis week to give you his favorite sandwich

Therese Apel

Well, we’re ashamed to admit that in all the hustle and bustle of breaking news and whatnot, we missed Elvis week. It’s bad. We’re bad Mississippians. But we decided to make it all better with (what else?) food.

Today, our favorite chef and sommelier Just Somm Chef tells us about his journey to create the perfect Elvis sandwich — as everyone knows, the Mississippi music icon had an affinity for peanut butter sandwiches:

I thought a lightly toasted wheat bread with peanut butter, bananas, and bacon would suffice. Then, I started looking for accounts of the sandwich and saw I was terribly wrong.

Some say the sandwich must be fried in bacon grease. Some are very specific about using half a banana, one slice of bacon, wonder bread and peanut butter on both slices.

NPR has an article telling the story of Elvis flying in his private plane to Denver one night to get a supercharged version of his favorite sandwich. The restaurant was the “Colorado Mine Company,” in Denver, Colorado. The Sandwich was called, “Fool’s Gold Loaf.”

Click here for the various ways you can make an Elvis sandwich, as well as to see the favorite sandwich of the King himself.

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