September 1, 2022

Woman Helps Young Flowood Valvoline Worker Who Rides Bike To Work, Lives In Hotel

Morgan Howard

Source: Cindy Crane

A woman’s post on Facebook has nearly 700 shares after she posted a sight she saw while driving in Flowood, Mississippi.

Cindy Crane noticed a young man with a Valvoline uniform on, riding a bike and sitting at a red light at Lowe’s. He was about to turn into 6 lanes of traffic to continue his commute, when she rolled down her window and offered him a ride.

Source: Cindy Crane

Cindy chatted with the young man, whom she found out his name was Devin. He said he worked at the Valvoline on Grant’s Ferry and Lakeland Drive. He was 20 years old, and his mom had recently moved back to Georgia, leaving him to fend for himself. He lived at a hotel and rode his bike to work every day.

Cindy learned that Devin had already gotten a raise and a promotion at his job, and he was a hard worker. She dropped him off at Valvoline at 7:15 even though the business didn’t open until 8:00 a.m.

Devin was a hard worker and didn’t complain even though he wasn’t dealt the best hand of cards in life. He was making the most of it and doing his best to succeed.

Cindy said several people have already reached out wanting to bless and help Devin.

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