March 1, 2024

Woman Arrested On Animal Sex Charges In Jones County Arrested On Same Charge In Forrest County

Morgan Howard


A woman previously arrested on animal sex charges in Jones County has been arrested again.

In April of 2023, Denise Frazier was arrested after posting a disturbing video on TikTok. She was 19 at the time and arrested by the Jones County Sheriff’s Department on a  charge of Unnatural Intercourse and a charge of Aggravated Cruelty (Animal).

Denise Frazier

This time she was arrested in Forrest County, according to the inmate roster online.

According to The Laurel-Leader Call, a video showed a “very pregnant” Frazier having sex with a dog that looked like a Siberian Husky Mix. She did this about two weeks before she gave birth to a baby. It was determined that the video was made in Forrest County, so Carter turned over the information to authorities there.

On February 29, 20-year-old Denise Frazier was arrested and booked into the Forrest County Jail.

She has been charged with Unnatural Intercourse and Attempted Unnatural Intercourse, according to the inmate roster.

She was given a bond of $10,000 per charge.

According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, she was out on bond with the Jones County Sheriff’s Department when she was arrested again. They have a contempt of court charge against her.

Her preliminary court hearing is March 29.




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