Visit the new water table exhibit at the Mississippi Children’s Museum

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Mississippi Children's Museum

The Mississippi Children’s Museum is improving on an already much-loved experience as they add a new Mississippi River water table for visitors to enjoy.

Mississippi Children's Museum
Mississippi Children’s Museum

The new water table offers innovative experiences, along with similar charm of the previous water table, which still takes visitors on an adventure down the Mississippi River – a landmark experience of the Mississippi Map Top.

“MCM’s Exploring Mississippi gallery and water table exhibit have been a cherished favorite for many children over the last 13 years,” said Susan Garrard, MCM President. “Thanks to the support from the Luckyday Foundation, this exhibit will continue to delight guests for years to come!”

MCM’s iconic water tower that includes a three-dimensional catfish and live-action guitar was refurbished and returned to its original place of prominence. It was updated with new manipulative features that allow children to play with water. There are over 20 interactive experiences to inspire creativity in children as they explore different features and experiment with water.

Children can create a boat race obstacle course with duplos and hone their engineering skills by changing the direction of the river channel with two handwheels. Guests can visit the crane port and boat dock to load cargo, interact with two rain clouds. This gives them a hands-on hydraulics lesson with the water vortex.

Children will still be able to fish for catfish, and they can also catch shrimp with real nets. A duo of water guns allows guests to create their own symphony with chimes. The most popular feature is the fog mushroom, which lets children learn about phases of the water cycle as they observe the fog cloud grow and then disappear!

Part of the Water Table exhibit at the Mississippi Children’s Museum.

This exhibit is made possible thanks to funding from the Luckyday Foundation.

Mississippi Children's Museum
Mississippi Children’s Museum

“Some years ago, the Foundation assisted with the installation of the Mississippi climbing map in memory of our donor Frank Rogers Day and in recognition of his great affection for the state of Mississippi and its residents,” Jamie Houston, Chairman of the Luckyday Foundation said. “The Foundation is pleased to enhance this educational exhibit with the addition of the new water table for our children to experience and enjoy.”

MCM is open Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Admission is $10 for children and adults and free with museum membership. For more information, visit

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