The Mississippi Children’s Museum Celebrates Spring with Bunnies & Butterflies

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Photo: Mississippi Children's Museum

Jackson, Miss. – Join the Mississippi Children’s Museum as we welcome spring with Bunnies & Butterflies on Saturday, March 30 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Our beautiful garden spaces will spring to life for this special weekend celebration!

Children are invited to dig into the warm soil as they learn about gardening, discover the science behind bubbles, and create their own unique spring costume accessory. Our outdoor gardens will be newly planted and coming to life with native plants that attract butterflies, birds, and a variety of pollinating creatures. Families will also get the chance to pet real bunnies as we welcome spring to our outdoor spaces!

Activities and Programs:

  • Learn about Pollination, Native Plants, and Vegetables
  • Bunny Appearances
  • Create Butterfly Masks and Bracelets
  • KEVA Planks, Rigamajig, and Imagination Playground
  • Bristle Bots in WonderBox
  • Fitness Scavenger Hunt in the Enchanted Land of Story
  • Science of Bubbles
  • Spin Ar
  • 3D Pen Creations

All activities are included with $10 general admission or MCM membership. For more information, visit

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