August 31, 2021

This Week’s Updates from Darkhorse Press: Live Stream

Mary Apel

Today we talk about Brandon Theesfeld’s guilty plea in the Ally Kostial case, a rash of carjackings around the metro area, a man who assaulted a reporter on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the next episode of FRONT LINES, which should be out any minute now!

We will be doing a Q&A session on the Kostial case in the next few days for subscribers only. You can subscribe and be an insider by clicking here!

Also in the works is a series called “Nicole Tries,” where Nicole will try things from new restaurants to hand grabbing fish to riding a motorcycle or whatever. Send ideas to

If you’d like to become a sponsor of any of our series or our news site in general, please email or contact Nicole at 601-291-3325.

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