April 25, 2023

Two women dead after shooting on Facebook Live

Therese Apel

Screen cap from a Facebook Live in which two women were shot to death in Holmes County.

Authorities in Holmes County are looking into a fatal shooting that left two dead and took place on Facebook live.

The video obtained by Darkhorse Press shows one woman sitting on a vehicle and another with the camera. Both are yelling profanities at a woman, and appear to be yelling about paying someone’s land taxes or rent.

We have decided not to show the video.

There are children and dogs in the yard during the yelling, until finally the woman on the steps of the mobile home seems to call the child to come in to the home.

“Put that red light on her so you can show her where you shootin’ at, ho,” one woman yelled. “Put that red light on me.”

Shortly after that, another woman comes out of the home yelling at the one who was sitting on the truck to get off of it. The one who had been sitting on the steps approaches with a gun while the child gets back under foot. She holds the gun up to the head level of the woman on the truck, then moves around to the other side and the gun can be heard going off.

The woman holding the gun appears to begin running, and then the gun goes off again and the phone appears to hit the ground. A few more shots are heard, and then more yelling.

Holmes County County Sheriff Willie March tells reporters that one of the women died on the scene, and the other on the way to the hospital. He said both of them had gone to the home where the altercation occurred.

The shooting took place around 2 p.m. on Emory Road just north of West.

One person who lives at that home is being questioned in the shooting, authorities said.

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