November 21, 2023

Mississippi Therapy Animals Organization In Need of Long-Term Fosters

Morgan Howard

Mississippi Therapy Animals is a non-profit charity organization focused on bettering not only our community but the state of Mississippi.

The organization was founded by a woman named Katrinna Miller. She educates and supports directly through animal-assisted therapy, which includes mental health and wellness therapy animal educational encounters, animal-assisted crisis, and disaster response.

The goal of the organization is to educate and directly support through animal therapy to the state of Mississippi.

Miller said,

“Animal therapy brings joy and comfort to individuals who may be struggling with life’s challenges. Animal Therapy could help someone during a crisis where the end result may be suicide. Our animal therapy teams could help save a life just like the animal interaction helped save mine.”

There is proven evidence-based research that has shown that it helps decrease blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and promote healing and relaxation.

How you can support financially:

Miller said that to be able to continue serving the community with animal therapy, she needs support.

The community can support this program monetarily or with donations . Items needed include food, supplies, and gift cards.

If everyone would just give a little bit, it would make a huge difference.

Miller said without the donations of their supporters, they are limited in their ability to provide therapy to those who need it most.

Donations can be made online here. 

Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 75 Sandhill, MS 39161.  Physical donations can be mailed or dropped off by appointment at 443 Jim’s Road Lena, MS 39094. To set up an appointment to drop off donations, call 601-376-9847.


How you can become a foster:

The mission statement of U.S. Therapy Animals is

Katrina Miller said that they desperately need critical fosters for a few dogs.

You can fill out an application to become a foster here.

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