October 31, 2023

Tips to care for your pets in the cold weather

Therese Apel

Keep your pets inside if possible during the freezing weather!
The temperature is dropping. Are you and your pets ready?

The temperature is dropping. Are you and your pets ready?

Contact your veterinarian if you have questions about what housing is appropriate for your pet.

Pay extra attention to senior pets and young pets. They are most susceptible to being affected by the cold weather.

If you have outdoor pets, bring them inside, if any way possible. If that is not an option, make sure they have a solid, dry, draft-free shelter.

Doghouses should be large enough for dogs to sit and lie down in, but small enough to retain their body heat.

It is best if doghouses are elevated a few inches off the ground and are filled with dry straw for bedding. Blankets get wet and cold, so are not recommended for bedding.

While this is a fine outdoor bed for warmer temperatures, the ventilation makes it dangerous for the weather.

The doghouse entrance should face away from northern winds. For extra protection, cover the entrance with a flap of heavy waterproof fabric or heavy plastic.

Feral, outdoor and community cats also need shelter from cold, wind and rain.

Tips and ideas on what to purchase or use for cat shelters can be found on the Alley Cat Allies website, alleycat.org.

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