June 14, 2023

Prepare your pets, too, for when disaster strikes

Therese Apel

Have severe weather preparations for your pets, too

Not only is the state bracing for more severe weather, June is National Pet Preparedness Month. Think about your fur family when making disaster prep plans.

“Keep a selfie of you and your pet to prove ownership,” said Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney. “Have your pet microchipped and know what shelters in your area will allow pets inside should you have to evacuate because of a disaster.”

You can also buy pet insurance for your furry friends. A new law regulating pet insurance sales in Mississippi goes into effect on July 1.

Senate Bill 2228 makes Mississippi just the second state, following Maine, to adopt a law that requires pet insurance companies disclose all exclusions, including those for pets with preexisting conditions or hereditary disorders. The new law also allows the Mississippi Insurance Department (MID) to regulate training for agents who sell pet insurance.

If you have a question about pet insurance, call your insurance agent or MID at 601-359-3569.

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