June 29, 2023

Tips For Staying Safe In The Dangerous Heat

Morgan Howard

Here are some tips from the Red Cross for staying cool and safe in this brutal heat.

  • Drink enough water to prevent heat illness, first and foremost. For the average person, this is about 3/4 of a gallon of water daily.
  • To check if you’re getting enough water, the Red Cross advises people to check their urine color. Dark yellow may indicate that you are not drinking enough.
  • Avoid sugary, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks.
  • If you’re sweating a lot, combine water with snacks and or a sports drink to replace salt and minerals you lose when you sweat.
  • Take a shower or bath to help cool off
  • Wear cool, lightweight, loose-fitting clothing.

The Red Cross warns people to not rely on electric fans because they may not prevent heat-related illnesses once temperatures are in the high 90’s. They advise to spend a few hours in air conditioning each day to prevent heat illness if at all possible. If you do not have air conditioning, try to find a place where you can cool off for a few hours like a public library, shopping mall, or public cooling center.

If you want to download the Extreme Heat Redcross Checklist, click here!

Here is a list of cooling centers open in the capital city!

The Mississippi Department of Public Health shared some ways to distinguish between heat stroke and heat exhaustion, as well as tips for staying cool.

Be sure to bring pets inside, and check on your elderly neighbors! We all have to watch out for each other.

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