March 18, 2024

Three Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges After Cocaine, Marijuana Found In Wiggins Hotel Room

Morgan Howard

On Friday evening, March 15, Stone County Sheriff’s Deputies came in contact with a vehicle, in the McHenry Community.
There were three people inside the vehicle, identified as Clay Thompson, Krystal Bell, and Christopher Teague.
Deputies had probable cause to search the vehicle, which was found to be carrying approximately (13) Pounds of Marijuana.
Investigating further, deputies learned the individuals were staying at a local hotel in Wiggins.
A search warrant was issued for the hotel room, which yielded an additional drug seizure, including approximately (217) Grams of Cocaine and another (12.7) Pounds of Marijuana.
Items used for packaging and distribution of illegal narcotics were also seized.
Thompson, Bell, and Teague. were all arrested for Trafficking of a Controlled Substance and Aggravated Trafficking of a Controlled Substance.

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