February 8, 2024

Governor Reeves Declares Next Week “Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week” In Mississippi

Morgan Howard

Source: Mema

Press Release from MEMA:

Governor Reeves declared February 11-17, 2024, Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Mississippi.

Last year, Mississippi had 61 confirmed tornadoes, including one EF-4 and two EF-3 tornadoes that touched down during the March 24th outbreak.

That storm system moved across the state, claiming the lives of 22 Mississippians.

“We have seen just how important it is to prepare for severe weather and how having a plan before a disaster can be lifesaving,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “I encourage all Mississippians to review their severe weather preparedness plan, especially as we approach Spring.”

“So many lives were lost last year due to severe weather. All families should have a plan of action when severe weather warnings are issued. It’s important for everyone to have multiple ways to receive alerts and have a pre-identified safe place to go,” says MEMA

Executive Director Stephen McCraney. “I encourage all Mississippians to use this week to prepare for the upcoming spring severe weather season.”

Topics for Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week:

Sunday: Make a Plan
Monday: Severe Thunderstorms
Tuesday: Flash Flooding
Wednesday: Tornadoes (Statewide Tornado Drill at 9:15 am)
Thursday: Lightning
Friday: Alerts and Warnings
Saturday: Mobile Home Safety

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is partnering with the National Weather Service to highlight different types of severe weather and ways to prepare for the upcoming spring severe weather season.

MEMA urges all Mississippians to have a disaster supply kit stocked with food and water year-round.

Knowing a safe place to seek shelter when severe weather is in your area is also essential.

Each day of Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week, MEMA will use informational graphics, videos, and engaging content on these topics.

Keep up with Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week by visiting MEMA’s Facebook and Twitter pages and MEMA’s YouTube page.

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