May 6, 2024

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Grateful Mother/Daughter Duo Thank MHP Trooper Who Helped With Flat Tire

Morgan Howard

Source: MHP
Source: MHP


In what could have been a scary moment, an MHP trooper stepped in and helped to turn the situation around.

A woman took to social media to praise MHP Trooper Lacey after he went out of his way to help her and her mom.

This past weekend, a mother and daughter experienced a scary interruption to their journey when their car’s tire went flat on a very busy I-20.

Meghan Hinson said trucks were roaring by on the side of I-20, and even though she knew how to change the tire, she knew it wouldn’t be safe to try to attempt.

She said she knew who to call, and a short time later Trooper Lacey showed up to help!

Hinson said,

“My daddy taught us how to handle a flat, but nothing prepares you for the real thing on a busy interstate. Trooper Lacey was our guardian angel today,”

The family said they want to make Trooper Lacey famous—not just for his act of service, but as a representation of the bravery and dedication our officers commit to every day.

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