November 9, 2023

Son of Miss Mississippi 1977 and former Miss America CEO arrested in grisly LA dismemberment

Therese Apel

Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

TMZ is reporting that the son of a former Miss Mississippi and an Emmy-winning producer has been implicated in a grisly dismemberment in Los Angeles.

Samuel Haskell, 35, was reportedly arrested at a mall in Topanga, California Wednesday after a bag containing a woman’s torso wrapped in plastic was found next to a dumpster in Encino, California, by a person rummaging through the trash bins.

The body was allegedly dismembered to the point that it could not be recognized or identified.

Currently Haskell’s wife Mei and her parents are missing. TMZ reports that police have found a crime scene and blood in the younger Sam Haskell’s home.

The couple’s three children are safe in protective custody.

Haskell is the son of Miss Mississippi 1977 Mary Donnelly Haskell and former Miss America CEO Sam Haskell, III.

Sam Haskell, III was also once a powerful agent in Hollywood, representing stars like Kathie Lee Gifford, Whoopi Goldberg, Dolly Parton, and George Clooney. He made his exit of the Miss America organization in the fallout of some emails that surfaced criticizing some former Miss Americas. He now runs Magnolia Hill Productions.

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