August 5, 2022

Richland hosts their first-ever National Night Out

Therese Apel

The first National Night Out was held in Richland this week.

The Richland Police Department hosted their first National Night Out on Tuesday at their new Parks and Recreation center.

The event hosted meet and greets with officers, K-9s, vehicles, Mississippi Blood Services, food trucks, and live performances from Zach Bridges. For the kids, there was also a foam party, bouncy houses, and a dunking booth.

Richland Resident Kiley Grantham enjoyed the night, but was even more grateful for the host department.

“I think it’s awesome. It shows how much this police department cares for this community. As a citizen, I’m very grateful for this department and everything they do for us.” said Grantham.

Richland PD Public Information Officer Allison McDonald organized the event with Chief Marketing Officer Brynne Fisackerly.

“With this being our first event, it was something that was near and dear to my heart, because we have a new chief. His mission was to start more community policing. I wanted to go ahead and get that process started for us as far as getting the community, neighbors together and getting the police to be humanized.” said McDonald.

National Night Out is a campaign for police departments across the country every August 2.

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