December 14, 2022

Reservoir firefighters rescue two from lightning strike fire

Therese Apel

Reservoir firefighters battle a lightning strike at a home on Pine Ridge Circle

Reservoir Fire Department saved two residents from a home that had apparently been struck by lightning in the early hours of Wednesday.

Fire Chief Scott Berry said the owners of the home on Pine Ridge Circle called in a dishwasher on fire, but when firefighters arrived, they saw fire coming from the attic. The strike, he said, appears to have come through the roof into the residence. The homeowners couldn’t tell the house itself was on fire.

Neighbors reported having heard a lightning strike as well. Berry said some pets were also rescued from the home.

An ambulance was called for a firefighter who inhaled too much smoke, but he was not transported. There were no injuries reported.

As they were still on the scene of that call, Reservoir units were called to another structure fire that ended up being a smoking outlet caused by a hair dryer. That was quickly handled, Berry said.

Reservoir Fire Department ran 17 calls on Tuesday’s shift.

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