February 7, 2024

February is Earthquake Awareness Month – are you ready?

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New Madrid Seismic Zone. Sources/Usage: Public Domain

According to a January report by the United States Geological Survey, nearly 75 percent of the U.S. could experience damaging earthquake shaking in the next 100 years. While Mississippi is in a low-chance area compared to other states, there is still a risk of earthquakes here. February is Earthquake Awareness Month and a good time to review your insurance needs.

“Standard homeowners’ insurance does not cover damage caused by land movement or landslides,” said Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney. “There is, however, earthquake insurance. Traditional earthquake insurance covers damage caused by an earthquake by insuring the value of the items lost and reimbursing you for that specific amount.”

While earthquakes are unpredictable, you can make a plan now to avoid financial problems in the future.

·         Talk to your insurance agent about earthquake insurance.
·         Start a disaster savings account.
·         Make a plan for where you would go if an earthquake damaged your home.

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