August 7, 2023

Prentiss County Mother Arrested For Taking Child She Didn’t Have Primary Custody Of To Louisiana

Morgan Howard

On August 4th the Prentiss County Sheriff’s Department took a report from a complainant stating that he had primary physical custody of his 18-month-old child.
He told police that he believed the child’s mother, 20-year-old Hope Shayanne Dubois, of Booneville, had taken the child to Louisiana to live.
The father last saw the child on July 22nd. She did this after a court order had been issued. The mother’ Hope Shayanne Dubois is being charged with Interstate Removal of Child Under the Age of Fourteen by Noncustodial Parent or Relative (MCA 97-3-51).
The complainant said he believed his child was in danger. He said the mother had attempted suicide in the past and he was concerned about the environment the child was in.
Hope Dubois was arrested by the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office within hours of us confirming she had left the State of Mississippi and was in Louisiana.
MBI helped with this case, as well as the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office.
The 18-month-old minor child was released to the Custodial Father after he traveled from Mississippi to Louisiana.
Dubois remains in custody in Louisiana, while arrangements are being made to transport her back to Prentiss County after she waived extradition.

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