September 19, 2023

Pearl Teenager With Pfeiffer Syndrome Doesn’t Let That Stop Her From Helping Others

Morgan Howard

A teenager in Pearl with Pfeiffer syndrome spends her spare time making toiletry bags for those experiencing homelessness.

14-year-old Victoreya was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes premature fusion of the skull and bones in the feet and hands.

According to the Mississippi Children’s Hospital, when someone has this syndrome, it causes their bones to stop growing with the rest of their body.

Children’s of Mississippi performed several surgeries on Victoreya. They fixed the abnormal fusion of bones in her body so they could grow with her.

The hospital said as Victoreya continues to grow, she will need more surgeries throughout her life.

However, she doesn’t let that stop her from giving back and helping others.

She started a project called “Victoreya’s Heart” where she makes toiletry bags for the homeless in her community.


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