February 21, 2024

Pearl River Couple Arrested For Aggravated Trafficking Of Controlled Substance

Morgan Howard

On Wednesday, 21 February, at approximately 11:00 am, Deputies from the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office conducted a lawful traffic stop of a vehicle at Savannah Millard Rd by I-59.
The driver was identified as 66-year-old Richard Garcia. 63-year-old Audry Langston was identified as the passenger.
During the stop, Deputies developed reasonable suspicion to conduct a Terry frisk of Garcia and Langston. The frisk uncovered suspected methamphetamine. Garcia and Langston were subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled substance.
Further investigation developed probable cause for a search warrant of the couples’ residence located on Barth Rd. The search was conducted by the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.
The search uncovered an aggravated trafficking amount of suspected methamphetamine in the home.
Both Garcia and Langston were charged with aggravated trafficking of a controlled substance.

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