August 5, 2022

Oxford Police Department: “Stop For School Buses Or Face Consequences”

Morgan Howard

Photo by Megan Lee on Unsplash
With school starting back, the Oxford Police Department made a post on Facebook to remind motorists as students head back to the classroom to stop for school buses or face the consequences.
The Oxford Police Department said they will be looking for drivers who ignore the red flashing stop sign on the side of school buses when they are stopped.
“The safety of children getting on and off school buses is a top priority for OPD,” said Chief Jeff McCutchen. “Help us keep our children out of harm’s way by slowing down, paying attention, and avoiding distractions.”
What should you do when you see a school bus?
  • Drivers should slow down and prepare to stop when overhead lights on a school bus are flashing yellow
  • One the light turns red, and the stop arm extends drivers are required to stop on all roads with one exception. On highways divided by a physical barrier, such as a concrete wall or a grassy median, only vehicles traveling in the same direction as the school bus are required to stop.

Oxford police said that during last year’s school year, they issued 22 citations for passing a stopped school bus. If you fail to stop, you could face up to a $750 fine for a first offense.

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