January 2, 2024

Museum of Natural Science Rings In 2024 Early with Balloon Drop

Elijah Mangum

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science rang in the New Year with a balloon drop one day early on Saturday.

Families, in glow in the dark attire, arrived at 6 pm for a night of experiments, games, refreshments and nocturnal animal encounters. Towards the end of the evening, guests gathered for a balloon drop counting down to 8 pm. Many of the balloons carried surprises such as candy, stickers, one-year museum memberships and more.

“It’s almost New Years Eve, because it’s easier to do an event on a Saturday rather a Sunday,” MMNS Events Coordinator Nicole Smith said. “It seems to really work with alot of our families. Some of them have really big plans for New Years Eve, so this is way for families to do it the day before. It’s a little low key, but still very playful.”

Nine year old Candice Trigg of Brandon is a frequent visitor of the museum and felt there was no better place to celebrate New Years.

“One thing I love about the Museum is that they have really good facts,” Trigg said. “I’m history person at my school, so I love that. I’m ready to ring in New Years at the Science Museum.”

Ella and Frank Mcgriggs of Utica used this event to prepare their four sons to return to their science classes as the next semester begins while also having fun.

“It gets their minds thinking about science as they get back to school,” Frank Mcgriggs said. “We have a fifth grader getting ready to take the state science test this year, so it helps him start thinking that.”

“He loves science,” Ella Mcgriggs added. “It gave him the opportunity to explore more about Dinosaurs and learn more.”

This was the last night of the “Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs” exhibit.

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