November 14, 2023

Multiple agencies investigate sex video allegedly distributed by Trooper

Therese Apel

Darkhorse Press has confirmed a potentially multi-level investigation into a sex video which an accuser says was taken and sent without consent by a female Mississippi State Trooper, who contends that the act, the video, and the distribution of the video were all consensual.

We have reached out to the Trooper, who said she is speaking with her attorney before making any comment, and as soon as we hear from her we will update with her information as well. She has, however, strongly denied all allegations.

Attorney Robert Parrish, who represents the alleged victim, confirms that his client has spoken with multiple agencies about a night earlier this year when she went out for drinks with the Trooper, who is a friend and business partner. The alleged victim has stated that she was highly intoxicated that night and doesn’t remember most of the events of the evening, from the alleged sex acts to anything to do with the video.

During our investigation into the situation, Darkhorse Press has confirmed through multiple sources the existence of a video that was sent from the Trooper to her boyfriend and found by his wife. The spread of the video seems to have slowed once people began to be told that in the video, the alleged victim was allegedly extremely intoxicated, and thus there were questions about whether she was in fact able to give consent to the acts or the video.

When the alleged victim first reported the incident, she stated in her complaint that she did not go to Brandon Police Department because at the time the leadership was, in a large part, made up of former troopers. She went to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, and was sent from there to the Attorney General’s office.

After several weeks of waiting on an the AG’s investigation and feeling it had stagnated as several potential witnesses had not been interviewed, the alleged victim spoke with a detective at Brandon Police Department. From there it was taken to the District Attorney’s office, and the Attorney General’s office asserted that their investigators would handle it.

Mississippi Department of Public Safety confirmed this week that there is an internal investigation into the situation.

“The Mississippi Department of Public Safety has been made aware of these serious allegations involving a Mississippi Highway Patrol State Trooper,” said DPS Spokesperson Bailey Martin. “A formal complaint has not been filed with the Mississippi Highway Patrol regarding the alleged incident; however an internal investigation is being conducted.”

At some point shortly thereafter, the alleged victim spoke with federal investigators about the case. It is unclear if there is an official federal investigation at this point or not.

“If this happened at a frat house, it would definitely be seen as nonconsensual,” said Parrish. “This is like every date rape case I’ve ever had.”

The Complaint

According to the alleged victim’s complaint filed with Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office, the Trooper had asked her to dinner, and she had become extremely intoxicated, so the two returned to the Trooper’s home. The alleged victim contends that she woke up disrobed and knew something sexual had happened between her and the Trooper, but that she couldn’t remember how it happened. She states that she has never been interested in being with a female prior to that nor since, and that she has had no other sexual relationship with the Trooper.

The alleged victim goes on in the report to say that the Trooper told her the encounter had been recorded on video, but she said that alleged victim’s face was not on it. The alleged victim told her she needed to delete it because she’d had no say in whether or not the video was taken, according to the complaint. The Trooper allegedly responded by telling her that she was going to keep it in a locked file in her phone, at which time the alleged victim again asked that she delete it.

According to the report, on May 3, the Trooper informed the alleged victim that she had sent the video to a boyfriend who was married and that his wife had found it. The alleged victim said the boyfriend, who was also a Trooper, had asked that she be involved in a threesome with the Trooper and him in the past. When the alleged victim asked the Trooper how the boyfriend’s wife knew that it was her in the video, the Trooper allegedly responded that the alleged victim’s face was on the video and that it had not been deleted. The Trooper then allegedly asked the alleged victim if she wanted to see it, to which the alleged victim said she declined.

“I told her she needed to delete the video off of her phone immediately,” the alleged victim ‘s complaint reads. “A video I never gave consent to be recorded in the first place and especially not to be distributed out.”

On May 4, the alleged victim says in her complaint that she texted the Trooper asking once again that the video be deleted from all phones, including the one the boyfriend had, and a friend he had allegedly sent it to, who was also a Trooper.

“I voiced my concerns and how I felt violated, that I trusted her and that I was not ok with what she did to me,” the alleged victim’s complaint reads.

The alleged victim contends that the Trooper had put her under the impression that the boyfriend, his wife, and his friend were the only ones who had seen the video.

Shortly thereafter, the alleged victim says in her complaint that she resigned from the business and sent the Trooper another text message telling her she felt violated and betrayed.

“…she had also violated my trust by sending this video out without my consent and exploiting me for no other reason than to sexually entertain her boyfriend,” the alleged victim’s complaint states. “I also informed her that she had total disregard for me, my kids, or my well-being if that video was to get out. That was the last contact I had with (the Trooper).”

It’s in circulation now

The document states that on July 11, the alleged victim discovered the video had been circulated when her ex-husband asked her “about a sex tape I was in with (the Trooper) and informed me that everyone was talking about it… I felt sick listening to this… The next day I immediately obtained legal representation in hopes of holding (the Trooper) accountable for what she did to me.”

A few weeks later, the alleged victim’s ex-husband once again made remarks about the video, telling her that numerous people have the video and that it was primarily circulating among MHP employees, the complaint states. Her ex-husband told her that it was the Trooper’s boyfriend that was sending the video out, and that many of his friends had made comments to him about seeing her naked.

“I have never in my life felt so exposed, exploited, violated, victimized, and helpless in any situation. I felt so degraded listening to this like I was on display for anyone to see at the click of a button,” the alleged victim states in the complaint. “I felt physically sick. All I could think about is how my life is competely over.”

The alleged victim tells the AG’s office that she doesn’t know how many people have seen the video. The complaint states that even as she wrote it, another phone call came in from someone who said the Trooper was “actively distributing this nonconsensual video to anyone who wants it, mainly MHP officers and is actively approaching people asking if they want a copy of this video.”

“Despite begging, pleading, and demanding her to delete this video, (the Trooper) continues to share this video that I never consented to,” the alleged victim writes. “She has made numerous comments to individials that she is untouchable because she has dirt on everyone… (The Trooper) is purposely and maliciously sexually exploiting me using a video she took of me without my knowledge or consent. The damage that this woman has done to me is irreversible.”

Parrish said the alleged victim is not looking for monetary revenge, but for justice.

“I think what she just wants is recognition that something was done to her, and that it was wrong,” he said.

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