August 16, 2022

More Good News From Around Mississippi

Mary Apel

We’ve been keeping an eye out for positive stories, and there are too many to make just one post! Here’s a quick roundup of some recent Acts of Kindness committed by your neighbors.

Saving a Seat for Fallen Officers

The Beau Rivage Resort and Casino recently sponsored a truck for a company called Saving a Hero’s Place, creators of the “Honor Chair” meant to reserve an honorary seat in the roll call room for fallen officers, including fallen Biloxi Officer Robert McKeithen. Each chair that has been made by the organization to date is displayed on the cab.


Is anything better than a BABY SLOTH?

The Hattiesburg American reports a new addition to the Hattiesburg Zoo family! Resident sloths Chewy and Mo became parents for the third time, this time to a little boy.

The new cub was born July 5 and made its public debut in early August. He is named Lumpawaroo (which is the wookiee Chewbacca’s son’s name in the Star Wars series) and will likely be the couple’s last, zoo officials said. Chewy, Lumpy, and the whole gang are doing fine in their outdoor reserve.

See footage of Mom and Lumpy here!


Kids going Back to School find much needed Heroes!

And look at the Natchez Police Department and Natchez Fire Department coming together bringing backpacks to the Adams County Community! They gave away over 100 backpacks in 25 minutes.


Boys & Girls Club 

Speaking of back-to-school needs, The Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi hosted a Back to School Bash last week. A host of volunteers and sponsors came together to make sure kids could show up prepared with school supplies, fresh hair cuts, and something to eat and drink. It was a huge hit, from all accounts.

Othor Cain, Vice President of Community Outreach and Strategic Partnership, told WJTV: “This is what the Boys and Girls Club of Mississippi does every single day. We serve children who need us most right now. We are in underserved communities all across the city. Not only here in our Capital Street location, but at our other location on Sykes Road in South Jackson and Raymond Road, our walk unit. Every single day we serve kids who need us most. We teach our kids that you don’t have to be defined by your zip code. The importance of this event today is to give back. Times are hard, gas prices are high and school supplies are high. This is an opportunity for us to continue our regular service of giving back. That’s our mission.”

Boys & Girls Club of Central Miss, Back to School Bash; from the Facebook page of Othor Cain

Send us some Good News
Bless y’all, Mississippians! Keep fighting the good fight. And if you see something good, say something good! Send us your good news stories out there, we want to focus on all the positivity this large community keeps bringing.




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