August 25, 2022

More aftermath of Wednesday floods, more rain on the way

Therese Apel

A train derailment in Brandon. Photo: City of Brandon
The airport roundabout was flooded in Wednesday’s rains.

A train was derailed in Brandon, an assisted living home and a daycare evacuated, and the airport roundabout flooded as a result of heavy and sustained rain in the metro area Wednesday.

Photos released by the city of Brandon show train cars that had completely come off the tracks after the track bed washed away, as well as wheels scattered on the ground, twisted tracks, and various other pieces of debris. That was just the beginning of the worst flooding some areas have seen in quite some time.

Due to the amount of rain received the past few days and the ground being totally saturated, there was substantial flash flooding within the city. Several streets and highways had to be temporarily closed to allow for the storm to pass and water to recede and roads were
also closed to prevent motorists from proceeding into flooded areas.

Three motorists drove into flooded areas prior to road closures and became stranded. None of these drivers were injured.

Due to fast-rising flood waters, the decision was made to evacuate 31 residents from Peach Tree Village Retirement Home located at 6100 Old Brandon Road.The Rankin County School District quickly provided school buses and drivers to assist with the evacuation. Water damage to Peach Tree does appear to be severe. There is not an official estimate of the damage at this time.

There were reports of 14 homes and 4 businesses that were flooded to some extent. This number may change as residents return home from work later today.

Rankin County EOC Director Mike Word said there were three roads that had culverts that were completely washed away in the county. Two were fixed by 2:30 a.m., and the third is being worked on today. All three, he said, will be opened back up by lunch Thursday.

Several homes in the county that had water in them yesterday, Word said. Given that Rankin County often has a hard time qualifying for federal assistance, he said it’s very important those people be in touch with their insurance companies. In addition, he said, be extremely careful of mold that could exacerbate things like health problems and home decay quickly.

Flood waters have receded in most locations at this time and all main roads and highways are now back open.

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