July 26, 2021

Mississippi Highway Patrol Submits Trooper John Harris Cruiser In Nationwide Contest

Nicole Kral

For the past 8 years, the American Association of State Troopers has held a nation-wide State Trooper Cruiser Contest, but this year’s vehicle submission holds a very special meaning.

After the tragic passing of Trooper John Harris, the MS Hwy Patrol has submitted Trooper Harris’ cruiser in memory and dedication to his service. Trooper John Harris was involved in a fatal accident while conducting a routine traffic stop in May of this year.

Today, Darkhorse Press sat down and spoke with Ron Bosarge who is the Public Affairs spokesperson for the MS Highway Patrol.

“We’re asking all Mississippians, if they would, to go online and vote to help us finish first this year,” he urged the public.

Mississippi finished in 8th place in 2020, and this year they are hoping to win first place. With a current ranking of 10th place, we know that the community has the power to make it to #1. Voting will end on August 3, 2021.

“This is just a way that hopefully we can give back, and keep his legacy going – and his memory going – in honor of him,” Trooper Bosarge told us.

When asked what it would feel like if Mississippi won the contest, Trooper Bosarge said, “It would be wonderful. . . it would be another way we can show support to him and his family, because they will always be our family.”

You can find the link to vote on Facebook and Twitter on the MS Highway Patrol Page or follow the link below. Help us show support fallen Trooper John Harris and let’s get Mississippi to the #1 spot!


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