November 21, 2022

“Mississippi Backs the Blue”: Governor calls for $4.5 million budget increase for Capitol Police

Therese Apel

Governor Tate Reeves announced via social media on Monday that he will call for a budget increase for Capitol Police.

“I’m calling to increase funding for the Capitol Police,” Reeves wrote on Twitter. “We’ll protect Mississippians and punish criminals.”

In an attachment on the Tweet, Reeves lays out the argument that crime has risen around the country as a result of elected officials undermining police departments by defunding the police and “feckless legal changes focused on strengthening criminals’ rights while undermining those of victims.”

“In Mississippi, we reject the defund the police movement, and instead are committed to giving our law enforcement officers the tools they need to fight crime and keep our communities safe,” he writes.

Reeves said he is recommending the budget for Capitol Police Department be around $15.1 million for the next fiscal year, which is a $4.56 million increase. Reeves said the increase will fund salaries, patrol cars, and equipent for at least 150 police officers in the Capitol Complex Improvement District.

“Mississippi Backs the Blue,” Reeves said. “While some states deride the brave men and women serving in law enforcement, Mississippi recognizes them for who they are — heroes.”

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