September 12, 2023

Mississippi Ag Museum celebrates 40 years of educating the Magnolia State

Elijah Mangum

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum held a special 40th anniversary celebration on Saturday.

Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson, Ag Museum Director Theresa Love along with members of the board re-enacted the ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of the museum four decades ago. Commissioner Gipson replicated the suit and tie that former Commissioner Jim Buck Ross wore on that day in which he was in attendance.

“I was a kindergarten 40 years ago,” said Gipson. “I walked across that bridge. I remember it well. The gates were open for the first time. I came with a bunch of other kids. We just explored Small Town Mississippi. It was like a whole new world. Now, it’s amazing that I’m cutting the ribbon on the next 40 years.”

This was preceded by a press conference where Gipson reflected on the last 40 years while making annocements for it’s future.

“It’s millions of people’s lives that have been impacted as we teach about agriculture, forestry and the importance of it,” said Gipson. This is the educational arm of the Mississippi Ag department. We are proud of this museum and the work that has been done over these many years.”

The Ag museum foundation announced a new membership program which will help fund new renovation projects such as the  church in Small Town. The church, built in 1897, will receive a refurbishment to ensure it’s preservation for the following years.

The rest of the day focused on 40 different experiences for families across the grounds.

The museum opened on September 23, 1983.

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