August 17, 2022

McComb Mayor Makes Statement After MHP Dashcam Footage Released

Morgan Howard

The Mayor of McComb released a statement Tuesday (August 16th) after the release of the full dashcam video concerning the MHP officer during an arrest.

A video was posted on Facebook August 6th and the Mayor made a statement after viewing the video.

Here is what the press release stated:

“On August 6, 2022, I issued a Press Release concerning a Highway Patrol Officer and Mr. Eugene Lewis. I stated that the incident was alarming and disturbing. I asked Representative Daryl Porter to request an Internal Investigation, which he did. I ended the release by asking that you would allow the internal investigation to be completed and that you would let your voice be heard. Many of you took to social media and voiced your opinion (negative and positive) about this incident as well as my duties and responsibility as it relates to this incident. I stand firm behind my actions. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Internal Affairs, and Mississippi Bureau of Investigation completed their investigation and released the dash cam video. After reviewing the dash cam video, it answered my “Why” questions. It was determined that Officer Falvey’s actions were in line with his training. This only re-enforced my statement, “the need to let the investigation be completed” I want to thank Representative Daryl Porter for his prompt assistance, and I want to thank the State Agencies for their efficient and transparent investigation.”

Mayor Lockley

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