September 23, 2022

Man Arrested in Crystal Springs After Eyewitnesses Say He Dragged Dog Behind Truck

Morgan Howard

Source: Crystal Springs Police Department

A man named Daniel Berthelette was arrested by Crystal Springs police after eyewitnesses said he tied a dog to the bumper of his truck and drove several miles dragging the dog behind.

Eyewitnesses said that on September 14, they saw what appeared to be an animal being dragged behind a truck, so they stopped and looked and confirmed it was a dog.

The suspect and driver, Berthelette, got out of the vehicle, and the witness told him there was a dog tied to his truck. Berthelette went back and looked at the dog, then got back inside and continued driving.

Witnesses said he then drove to the city dump (that is only allowed to be used by city workers) and tried to throw the dog in the dumpster there. The city workers stopped him and said that it was for city use only.

After a thorough investigation, Daniel Berthelette was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Crystal Springs police said that based on the information they gained, they verified the vehicle description and owner, issued a warrant, and arrested Berthelette. He bonded out of jail after the arrest.

According to police, Berthelette’s initial court date is October 13th.

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