June 3, 2024

Dog Who Recently Lost Both Eyes Rescued After Found In Trash Can In Jackson

Morgan Howard

Source: Cheshire Abbey
Source: Cheshire Abbey

A local rescue called Cheshire Abbey took in a dog in horrific condition over the weekend.

On Sunday, Chrissy Cheshire, with Cheshire Abbey, a local nonprofit rescue in Jackson, was called about a dog missing both of his eyes, in terrible condition in west Jackson.

It appeared the dog had just recently lost both of his eyes, and he was suffering.

Cheshire said that although their rescue is full, and they owe several vets bills for rescue dogs they have helped, she had to go help this baby.

Dr. Mills, a local vet in Jackson, offered to see the dog and give him immediate care and medication.

The dog must wait for his infection to clear before undergoing surgery.

Cheshire Abbey said the community has already donated and paid $500 towards an outstanding $1600 bill for another dog, Soldier, at the veterinary clinic. Today’s total expenses reached $828.68, with gratitude extended to all who helped raise these funds. Cheshire said the dog will be taken to Canton Road vet tomorrow for further care.

The rescue is begging the community to step up and help them cover the current bill and the outstanding amount at URGIVET. Donations can be made directly to URGIVET at 601-790-1918, or via Venmo (cheshireabbey) and PayPal (cheshireabbey@gmail.com).

Please consider donating to help this precious dog’s suffering and support the rescue’s efforts to provide him with the care he needs.

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