February 8, 2024

Man Arrested For Allegedly Grabbing Cash Register From Tupelo Restaurant And Running

Morgan Howard

On February 2, officers with the Tupelo Police Department responded to a robbery call at 361 South Gloster Street (Speedy Gonzalez).
Witnesses said that a male had entered the business, demanded money, and then stole the cash register from the business before running away.
Witnesses did not report seeing a weapon.
K-9 Units responded to the scene and were able to track and locate the suspect a short distance from the scene of the crime.
43-year-old Walter E. Jones (from Tupelo) was arrested and charged with Robbery.
Tupelo Municipal Court Judge Weir ordered Jones to be held without bond. Jones was on Federal Probation at the time of the incident. This case will be presented to the Lee County Grand Jury.

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