September 23, 2021

Madison County Community Comes Together To Build A Home For Injured Deputy

Nicole Kral


On September 5, 2019, Deputy Sheriff Brad Sullivan was involved in a vehicle pursuit with a kidnapping suspect when shots came through his windshield. He was hit twice in the temple; and now, his community has come together to make sure that his service was not in vain by starting a project called A Home for Brad (

After the initial incident, Deputy Sullivan fell into a coma for 37 days. He has had to undergo multiple surgeries, hours of rehabilitation, and numerous medical treatments since then. The injuries that he sustained would change his life forever. Deputy Sullivan suffers paralysis to his left side, and regularly uses a wheelchair as his means of mobility. But when your home is not ADA compliant, life can be even harder, and that’s why A Home for Brad was started.

A Home for Brad is a community outreach project that was spearheaded by two Madison County Sheriff’s Department Deputies, Lieutenant Joey Butler and Deputy Dwayne Moak. Darkhorse Press had a chance to meet with these men, and ask them about the magnitude of the project, and what kind of effort it takes to make it happen.

“[Brad] is humbled by the project. He’s obviously very excited. This fulfills a need that he has,” Lieutenant Butler said. “But I would say he is probably overwhelmed with the generosity of our community.”

We stood on the very ground that Deputy Sullivan’s house is going to be built on. Right off Highway 22 in Flora, the nine-acre property is lined with tall trees and beautiful green grass. A perfect retreat from the city, but also accessible and convenient. In about eight months, there will stand Deputy Sullivan’s new, custom home.

We asked Lieutenant Butler what it felt like to be the lead in A Home for Brad.

“It’s certainly a brotherhood of law enforcement. You support each other even when it’s not exactly job related. I was Brad’s supervisor. I don’t stop being that role just because he’s not wearing the badge anymore,” he said.

The financial impact of an accident like this is overwhelming. And the cost of building a home is already extremely expensive. Add on the costs of supplies, customizations, accommodations, and safety compliances – it can seem insurmountable. But a lot of people have stepped up to help.

The Homebuilders Association of Jackson is coordinating the construction of the home, which includes donating materials and labor. They have partnered with various groups willing to also donate their time and resources. Kirkland Development, Charter Homes, HouseWorks, WM Designs, MadGenius Advertising, and more.

But nothing can compare to the support of those that have been there through it all. “Brad has the greatest gift from God to have [Joey Butler] supporting him,” Deputy Dwayne Moak tells us.

“Joey has been there since the incident. He has been supportive of Brad throughout the last year and a half/two years. And it’s natural for Joey to work on this project and help give Brad a place to lay his head.”

Hearing this statement sent a visible pang of emotion across Lieutenant Buter’s face. He hung his head, and it was clear that the past three years have been difficult for him too.

Deputy Sullivan is a lot of things: a father of two, a police deputy, a former little-league coach, a Metal of Valor recipient, a friend, a survivor.

But one thing he is not; he is not a quitter.

A Home For Brad is asking YOU to be a part of this journey. Whether it is a small or large monetary donation, or if you are a contractor and can donate any resources or labor, maybe you can help provide ADA compliant furniture – anything helps This is a group effort. Let’s all be part of getting Deputy Brad Sullivan his forever home.

You can donate by visiting their website at, or checks can be made out to the Madison County, Mississippi Sheriff’s Department Benefit Association, Inc. at:
2941 Highway 51
Canton, MS 90346

If you know of a business that would like to donate their services, supplies, or equipment, please contact Vicky Bratton with the Home Builders Association of Jackson at

For general inquiries, email

Financial donations are tax-deductible.

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