August 7, 2022

Internal investigation launched after video of MHP trooper in McComb surfaces

Morgan Howard

Source: Packer Lewis Facebook Live
On August 6th, the Mayor of McComb released a press release saying that an internal investigation has been launched after a live video was shared of an MHP officer arresting a man.
The live video was taken on Facebook by a man named Packer Lewis. It showed an MHP officer arresting a man in McComb. The video has been shared over 11,000 times.
Mayor Lockley made this statement concerning the video:
“I know that many of you like myself, have viewed the video of the Mississippi Highway Patrol Officer and Mr. Eugene Lewis. I am alarmed as well as disturbed over it. Last night, after viewing it several times, I contacted Representative Daryl Porter and asked him to intervene on behalf of the City of McComb since it involved a Highway Patrol Officer. I was informed this morning that an internal investigation was going to be conducted. I ask that you allow the investigation to be completed but at the same time let your voice be heard.”

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