August 16, 2022

Hinds County Sheriff’s Department announces purchase of body cams, 11 new vehicles

Morgan Howard

Source: DarkHorse Press

The Hinds County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference on Tuesday about updates within the department.

Sheriff Tyree Jones began the press conference by introducing Chief Deputy Latasha Holmes, she is a 20 year veteran and was promoted recently from Captain. She is responsible for day to day operations at the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Jones introduced newly appointed Undersheriff Jared Taylor who brings 25 years of experience in his new position. Finally, he introduced Captain Steven Sims is a newly appointed captain of the criminal Investigations Division of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department. He brings 15 years of experience.

In addition, Sheriff Jones announced that they have added an FBI task force officer to the FBI task force.

Another major announcement, was that Sheriff Jones said they have started their accreditation process. He said this is a lengthy process but he looks forward to having the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department accredited for the first time in history.

Sheriff Jones went on to talk about the vote several months ago for them to receive $1,000,000. He broke down what the department was able to do with the money they were provided by this grant:

  • 11 new vehicles were purchased, patrol and unmarked vehicles.
  • Technology that will help with crisis intervention and hostage negotiation was purchased.
  • An internship with JSU school of Liberal Arts will begin the second week of September. The internship will involve 4 students in that department that will be working a paid internship with the sheriff’s department.
  • They will have their own website specifically for the Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Jones said people will be able to use and connect with them on this website.
  • 75 bodycams were purchased for the department.

Sheriff Tyree Jones talked about how important it was to have a bodycam program. Each officer will have a bodycam assigned to them. Sheriff Jones said that it is important for this moment of transparency.

New body camps for Hinds County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Tyree Jones stated,

“This is moment of transparency. If something happens of a serious nature, we will have body camera to show the public whether it’s wrong footage or right footage. These body cams can also help officers in a very dire situation.”

Sheriff Tyree Jones talked about how they are getting updated technology and a website that the public can use.

Training personnel were at the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office last week installing equipment and training officers on how to use them.

Sheriff Jones said that each officer will be responsible for his or her own bodycam.

You can watch the entire press conference here!

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