September 11, 2023

Citizens, law enforcement work together to break up ATV theft/ check fraud ring

Morgan Howard

Hinds County Investigators conducted an undercover operation to catch thieves passing false checks.
According to Sheriff Tyree Jones, a man contacted the Sheriff’s Department saying that some guys from Hinds County tried to steal his side-by-side by passing a confirmed counterfeit bank check.
Sheriff Jones and the man set up a plan to trap the criminals. Jones said it was the cooperation of citizens and law enforcement that made the operation possible.
On September 8, the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division conducted an undercover operation, in Hinds County at Battlefield Park.
Sheriff Jones said the operation was to catch suspects believed to be part of a criminal organization passing fake bank cashier checks to individuals on social media selling ATVs, vehicles, and anything else of monetary value.
Four male suspects were involved in the transaction with investigators for a 2015 Polaris Razor 900.
The counterfeit cashier’s check was in the amount of $8,500.
Investigators arrested one male suspect when they met for the transaction. A white Honda Accord fled the scene with the other 3 male suspects.
Sheriff Jones said that investigators quickly arrested the others at McDowell Road and I-55 after a brief pursuit.
Nobody was injured during the chase or arrest. One male was charged with Uttering Forgery, one male was charged with Felony Fleeing and three of the males were charged with Accessory to Uttering Forgery.

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