August 9, 2022

Good Samaritans: These Mississippians were caught committing Random Acts of Kindness

Mary Apel

Every week we see stories about all the people around Mississippi who are helping others in small but meaningful ways. Most of them aren’t doing it for any acknowledgment, but we feel it is necessary to remind our readers how many good folks there are around here.

Like this anonymous person in Jasper County:

The Masonic Center in Gulfport donated 200 stuffed bears to the police department, to be used on calls that involve children. The hope is for officers to have something on hand to help comfort kids going through a traumatic event.

And these folks at Two Men and a Truck in Ridgeland who picked up and delivered donated dog food to the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF). Sure, it was a couple months ago, but these guys deserve a shout out nonetheless. This No-Kill shelter houses and feeds over 300 dogs at any given time, and the food donations and added kindness by people like this delivery team is what makes that possible.

At the Community Animal Rescue and Adoption shelter, volunteers often offer the simple but precious gift of their time, including this 9-year-old who practiced her reading with Priscilla, a shelter resident.

We see you, Good Mississippians, and we will keep looking for you and praying for those blessings to be returned to you ten-fold. Keep up the good work. This is how we change the world!


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