March 19, 2024

Four Victims Rescued, One Arrested After Human Trafficking Operation In Pearl

Morgan Howard

According to Attorney General Lynn Fitch, their office had a week-long human trafficking investigator training, culminating in an operation that resulted in the recovery of four victims and one arrest.
“In addition to taking criminals off the streets and ending this violent cycle in our communities,” said General Fitch, “it is our hope that we can help these victims heal and restore their dignity and value. I am grateful for the investigators and prosecutors who worked together to reach these victims and stop these predators from inflicting more harm.”
General Fitch’s Human Trafficking team hosted the training to help officers understand the criminal offense of human trafficking and provide insight into what an officer will encounter during an investigation.
Law enforcement officers were also trained on the various software and other investigative tools available to help with the investigation.
Upon completion of the training, officers from Pearl Police Department, Capitol Police Department, and the Mississippi Department of Corrections participated in the operation which resulted in the recovery of four victims and one arrest.
In the past three years, the Attorney General’s Office has completed 56 multi-jurisdictional operations across the State that have led to the recovery of 331 victims and 86 arrests.
463 officers have been trained under Genera Fitch’s leadership.

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