February 14, 2024

Female Trooper in the center of video controversy fired from MHP

Therese Apel

Editor’s note: Many of you have asked why the trooper’s name has not yet been published by Darkhorse Press. There are two reasons: First is that so far no charges have been filed, and secondly, because the document that has been released unofficially was not for publication and MHP is not speaking on it as it is a personnel matter. We continue to investigate multiple angles of this story. We have not mentioned the name prior, and have not yet at this time. That doesn’t mean we won’t publish the name very soon. We recognize that other media outlets have released it, along with photos.

Darkhorse Press has received confirmation that a female trooper who was the center of a controversy surrounding the allegedly nonconsensual dissemination of a sexually explicit video has been fired by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

According to information obtained by Darkhorse Press, the trooper was allegedly hand-delivered a disciplinary notice on February 13 citing several infractions that led to her termination, some of them having to do with the case we reported in November.

Others of those charges included accessing pornography sites on her state-issued phone, sending naked photos to other MHP employees “to watch their faces turn red,” and taking photos with a beer inside a patrol vehicle. There was also allegedly evidence of a dating site found on her state-issued phone.

There were also findings from a polygraph test that she was given that showed deception on questions regarding her alleged victim’s consent to release the video. The trooper contended that the alleged victim had given consent release the video to the trooper’s boyfriend. The trooper also alleged that she did not send the video to any other DPS employees or to anyone without the alleged victim’s consent, but the polygraph indicated that was not true.

The trooper was terminated effective immediately on February 13. She has 15 days to appeal.

This is a developing story, and we are investigating multiple angles on it. We will bring you more as it develops.

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