September 14, 2021

Escaped Mississippi inmate caught in Ohio wearing 1 handcuff

Therese Apel

Garnett Hughes

The United States Marshals have confirmed that escaped Mississippi inmate Garnett Hughes has been captured in Akron, Ohio.

The woman at the home where Hughes was staying was arrested as well, and charged with obstruction of official business.

Hughes, 33, escaped from his guards last week while out to attend the funeral of a relative. He is serving a life sentence for sexual battery and kidnapping.

Authorities say at the funeral, Hughes was able to remove his restraints and overpower the guards to escape.

Ohio news station WOIO reports that early Tuesday morning United States Marshals saw Hughes enter a home and when they approached, he tried to escape off the balcony.

When Hughes was arrested, he still had a handcuff on his wrist, WOIO reports.

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