June 23, 2021

Dressed for the occasion: Drug cop pulls over man with ‘incriminating’ shirt

Therese Apel

Sometimes during ride alongs, you come across things that feel like part of a sitcom.

Today as I rode with Rankin/Madison County Interdiction Team Supervisor Chris Picou, we pulled over a Texas vehicle that was definitely driving at unsafe speeds.

Deputy Picou talked to the man as he sat in his vehicle, and took his license and registration to run a basic check. While that was going on, Picou recognized the man digging in his seats, so when he returned to the car, he asked the man to step out, just for safety’s sake.

When the driver got out, he was wearing a shirt he probably didn’t plan on getting pulled over by a drug cop in.

Everybody had a good laugh, and he was issued a verbal warning before he went happily on his way.

You’ll see more on this stop on our interdiction series, which kicks off July 1.

All in a day on the interstate.

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