April 10, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Jackson Rescuers Rush To Save Dog Found Shot In Face On Easter

Morgan Howard

A rescue called Rescue Revolution, in Jackson, shared a heart-wrenching photo on Facebook of a dog who had been shot in the head.
The rescue said they received a message about a dog lying on the side of Highway 18 who had been shot.
Rescuers Chrissy and Anne rushed to get the dog and get her to URGIVET Emergency Vets in Madison.
The vet told rescuers that she has a lot of bone and debris in the gunshot wound on her face. They believe she was likely shot over a week ago. The vet cleaned the wound and they are working to find the bullet.
Rescue Revolution said they decided to call the dog Pascha, which is Latin for Easter. They welcomed her into their rescue and are now raising money for her vet bills as she receives emergency care.
A foster has tentatively been found for this sweet girl, once she is released from the hospital.
Donations to Rescue Revolution, and to Pascha’s care can be made in the following ways:
🔴 Facebook- through the donate button on their post
🔴 Venmo- @rrofms
🔴 PayPal- @rrofms
🔴 Call Urgivet directly to donate- 601-790-1918.
🔴 By check: P.O . Box 13616, Jackson, MS 39236

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