September 12, 2022

CTED Officers Commended for Saving Four Women

Mary Apel

On August 31, 2022, SFC Blake Hedrick and SSGT Eric McElhenney responded to a one- vehicle accident north of Union, MS on Hwy 15, and are being commended for their heroic acts.

Upon swiftly arriving at the accident scene, SSGT McElhenney realized four women were trapped inside the vehicle.

None of the women were wearing seatbelts, causing them to become entangled between the seats and the foorboard.

SSGT McElhenney noticed that one woman was trapped on the floor and was struggling to breathe.

SFC Hedrick arrived immediately, according to reports. The two officers quickly assessed the situation and decided to move the women to free the one trapped on the floor.

Authorities said there were multiple compound fractures and potential internal bleeding in all four women. Two of the ladies had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Mississippi Highway Patrol worked the scene and determined the driver would be charged with DUI.

A statement released read, “The swift response and decision-making of SFC Hedrick and SSGT Eric McElhenney may have prevented additional injuries and fatalities.”

“The Mississippi Commercial Transportation Enforcement Division recognizes and appreciates the heroic actions of SFC Hedrick and SSGT McElhenney.”

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