December 3, 2021

Clinton officials update on carjacking of 80-year old woman, subsequent chase and arrest

Therese Apel

Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher and Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman

Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman and Mayor Phil Fisher had strong words for the man who carjacked an elderly woman in Clinton, then led police on a chase while shooting at them with his two minor nephews in the car.

David Tyler, 30, was allegedly in possession of a 9mm handgun and he in now in custody. Charges pending for Tyler are felony fleeing, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and felon with a firearm.

“As the police chief here in Clinton, I get tired of our citizens having to be scared of career criminals coming to the city of Clinton to commit crimes. And it happens all too often,” Hayman said.

Tyler is also charged with the kidnapping of his two nephews, ages 15 and 3. Hayman says when Tyler carjacked the woman, he instructed the 15-year-old to help. Police are deciding on whether or not the 15-year-old needs to be charged in the crime.

“What kind of man takes his nephews… and goes on a carjacking spree?” said Fisher. “This lady that was carjacked, she was 80 years old. What kind of coward does something like that?”

Hayman said Clinton, Jackson, Terry and Byram police departments, as well as the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department and a few Mississippi Highway Patrol troopers were involved in the chase once the carjacked vehicle was located.

“Outstanding, outstanding effort from all of law enforcement. Super pleased that we were able to get this guy in custody within hours so he won’t have the ability to harm or terrorize anyone else,” Hayman said.

Police sources say the vehicle’s tires were spiked near Wynndale Road, and officers were able to get the vehicle stopped near 3417 Tank Road, where they were able to arrest the suspect.

Tyler previously was convicted on residential burglary charges. He was convicted in 2015 and served seven of 20 years.

“Somebody needs to address this who has the authority to keep these criminals off our streets and quit terrorizing the residents of the city of Clinton,” Hayman said.

“Today I’m not asking, I’m not requesting, I am demanding the Hinds County judges start giving serious sentences and not letting these folks walk,” Fisher said. “Do your job. You can’t expect the good citizens of the community, the police department of the community, to do their job, to do their part, and then it fails where the judges are. If the DA’s involved, get involved and stop this.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been brought in on the case and federal charges will be pursued.

“Citizens have a right to walk safely anywhere they are,” Fisher said. “And when youre out randomly hurting people, and you come with the intent to do that, and you hoodwink a juvenile and you bring another juvenile up in it at 5 years old, I just can’t comprehend a mind like that.”

Hayman said the help from federal agencies will help at least in Tyler’s case.

“David Tyler is going to go back to jail and he’s going to stay in jail, and that’s where he belongs,” Hayman said.

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