November 22, 2022

Brookhaven father, son indicted on attempted murder charge in incident with FedEx driver

Therese Apel

Brandon and Gregory Charles Case

A Brookhaven father and son have been indicted on attempted murder charges after authorities say they shot at a FedEx driver in January.

According to the Brookhaven Daily Leader, Gregory Charles Case and Brandon Case have been arrested and charged with shooting at D’Monterrio Gibson on January 24.

A Lincoln County grand jury indicted both men on charges of attempted murder, conspiracy, and shooting at a motor vehicle, and the warrants were served Friday. Both men bonded out on the $500,000 bond.

Authorities say Gibson, who was wearing a FedEx uniform and driving a truck with FedEx identification on it, was leaving the Cases’ driveway on Junior Trail in Brookhaven after making a delivery when Gregory Case allegedly tried to block his path in a pickup truck.

Gibson told police he tried to drive around the truck when he saw Brandon case in the road with a gun. He was able to drive past Case, but the father and son allegedly chased Gibson, shooting at him as they drove. They allegedly did not stop until Gibson reached I-55.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are working the case.

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