Old Stahl-Urban factory building on fire in Brookhaven

Therese Apel

Photo of Stahl-Urban building burning in the distance. Credit: Tammie Brewer
A Brookhaven landmark is going up in flames as of 6:30 Monday evening.

The Stahl-Urban building, which was built in Brookhaven in 1936, produced 1.5 million uniforms for the military between 1940-1945, according to a 2016 article by Donna Campbell in The Brookhaven Daily Leader.

The Daily Leader is reporting that several fire departments are now on scene.

City leaders had been discussing tearing the building down because of its age and deterioration, as well as the fact that contractors said it was probably full of lead paint. The building was put on the National Historic Registry in 2021, which limits what can be done to it.

In a December article in the Daily Leader written by Brett Campbell, Mike Mackenzie of Williford, Gearhart & Knight said it could cost around $40,000 to prepare to demolish the building.

The article said the board of Aldermen voted unanimously at that time to put in a demolition request to the Department of Archives and History.

This is a developing story.


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