March 25, 2024

Brandon Woman Arrested After Vehicle Shot During Possible Road Rage Incident On I-55

Morgan Howard

On March 25, at 8:07 am, officers from the Madison Police Department responded to a call regarding a possible road rage incident in the city of Madison.
When officers arrived, they learned that a female driver had been exiting Interstate 55 southbound onto Hwy 463 when her vehicle was shot at by another motorist on the southbound exit ramp.
Responding officers quickly gathered information about the incident, including descriptions of the vehicle and the suspect.
Shortly afterward, an officer located a vehicle matching the description near Hwy 463 and Post Oak Road.
Brandon resident, Deemmareld Charlae Blackmore, was apprehended, and a firearm was recovered at the scene.
Fortunately, the victim of the incident did not sustain any injuries, although her vehicle did suffer damage from the gunfire. The exact motive behind the incident is still under investigation.
Deemmareld Blackmore has been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon in connection to the incident.
Her case will be forwarded to District Attorney John ‘Bubba’ Bramlett for prosecution following her Initial Appearance in The City of Madison Municipal Court.

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