August 24, 2022

Adams Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Rescues Dog From Storm Drain

Morgan Howard

Source: Adams Co. SO
On Monday, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office were called about a dog stuck in a storm drain on Magnolia Acres Road.
Master Sergeant David Nations, Karen Ewing, and the Adams County Road Department all worked together and helped to rescue the sweet dog.
A woman named Misty Lee went to check her mail and said that she heard a distant sounding barking. She said the storm drain is about 5-6 feet deep and there is no way out except to go down a very dark pipe that leads pretty far down to a creek.
Misty said when she saw him in the storm drain, he was just sitting leaning against the wall crying for help.
She called the Sheriff’s Department and they immediately came out to help! The dog was taken to the vet where he was given food, water, and checked out medically to be sure he was healthy. Aside from being covered in fleas and ticks, and a little dehydrated, the puppy was just fine.
Misty said that there is always someone interested in adopting him when he is healthy enough to find a new home.
The Adams County Sheriff’s Office wrote on their Facebook page,
“From the caller to the rescuers, teamwork brings all of us together!”
Everyone worked together to ensure a happy ending for this dog!

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